Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dursol #34 Honing Compound

Dursol #34 Honing Compound contains a unique blend of abrasives that deliver fast cutting action and a fine finish.  This is a rare combination, as fast cutting compounds usually leave visible scratches and compounds that deliver a mirror-like finish are typically slow cutting and require a multi-step process.

This product, however, has a unique polishing formula, giving it superior cleaning performance.  Dursol is the original metal polish formula created in 1929.  Unchanged for 80 years, this product has exceeded that of the competition in several tests as a honing compound.

Dursol #34 cuts faster than other products on the market, and yields a higher level of polish.  Additionally, it removes burrs from turning tools and polishes the edges to a mirror finish.  Finally, and perhaps best of all, the tube size is more than three times as large as the competition.

In addition to using Dursol as a honing compound, you can clean, polish and protect every metal surface in your shop and home.  It gently removes oxidation and leaves behind a slight protective coating.  Just rub it on, wait a few seconds and polish it off.  Use it to restore and protect plane bodies, turning tools, chisels, hand saws, hammer heads, or any other unpainted metal surface.

Mercedes-Benz and BMW use it to clean and protect the molds used to fabricate dashboards and other molded parts.  It cleans the molds without destroying the detail of the texture.  If those manufacturers trust it with molds that cost thousands of dollars to replace, you can trust it to clean and protect your valuable tools.

Dursol Polish can be found in the Metal Care Section of our site or by Clicking HERE

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