Tuesday, May 14, 2013

45 More Ways to Use Autosol Metal Polish

As you probably know, Autosol Metal Polish is fantastic for automotive and industrial use.   It is perfectly suited for the plastics industry, as it is highly effective in cleaning moulds and dies.  Autosol Metal Polish is also popular in the heavy duty trucking industry and every truck manufacture uses and sells our polish.  It is even great for use with rare and precious metals, such as titanium, palladium and magnesium.  As a result, Autosol is the metal polish supplier to both NASA and EADS (European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company).

Our metal polish is available in a 3.33 oz tube, 10.14 oz liquid bottle or 2.2 lb can to cover all levels of need, personal or professional.  Here are 45 more ways to use Autosol Metal Polish for vehicles (great for cars, motorcycles, boats and airplanes!) and for industrial & military use:

1. Bezels
2. Bumpers and trim
3. Chrome headers/exhaust
4. Hubcaps
5. Luggage racks
6. Mirrors
7. Motorcycle chrome
8. Valve cover
9. Wheels and rims
10. Wind deflectors
11. Head lights and taillights
12. Ailerons/flaps/spoilers
13. Stabilizers
14. Instrument panel
15. Landing gear
16. Leading edges
17. Propellers
18. Windshield
19. Bow rails
20. Port holes
21. Stanchions/fittings
22. Winches
23. Windows
24. Thermoforming Molds
25. Injection Molds
26. Blow Molding Molds
27. Extrusion Dies
28. Extrusion Chill Rolls
29. Aluminum ladders
30. Electrical contacts
31. Hand tools
32. Lockers
33. Extrusion dies
34. Locks & clasps
35. Precision tools
36. Punches
37. Scales
38. Shelves
39. Steel desks/benches
40. Storage cabinets
41. Tool carts
42. Belt buckles, Buttons & Pins
43. Canteens
44. Knives
45. Rifles

You can find the Metal Polish in the Metal Care section of our site, or by Clicking HERE


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