Friday, May 10, 2013

Autosol Metal Polish - Information and Directions

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We’ll start with some basic information and how-to about the Autosol Metal Polish, out most popular product.

While Autosol carries a variety of products for individual metals, the Autosol Metal Polish is a wonderfully versatile and effective product for use with all metals, including chrome, brass, copper, nickel and stainless steel (for anodized aluminum and fine silver, we suggest our other products catered to those metals).  Autosol safely and easily cleans (removing rust, oxidation, stains etc.) and polishes, giving a brilliant shine and lasting protection.

Autosol Metal Polish is certified by NSF International, a global public health and safety organization, and has been declared safe for use around food processing areas.  This product is non-toxic and ammonia free, making it ideal for household, automotive or industrial use.

Autosol Metal Polish has won 3 Monde Selection Gold Metals from the International Institute of High Quality in Belgium.  Best of all, Autosol costs less per ounce than other leading metal polishes!

To use:

  • Apply a small amount of polish to a clean soft cloth.  The cloth can be wet or dry, though some of our customers say a damp cloth works best.
  • Apply thinly to one section at a time, rubbing into metal and then buffing to achieve a high luster.
  • For nooks and crannies you can apply Autosol Metal Polish with a gloved finger or small brush.  For large or heavily rusted items, consider using a buffing wheel.

Tips: Recap polish container to prevent drying out.  If black residue remains after polishing, a little bit of cornstarch can help remove it.

Autosol Metal Polish is available in a 3.33 oz tube, 10.14 oz liquid bottle of 2.2 lb can.

You can Find Autosol Metal Polish on our website or by clicking  HERE


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  2. You can order the Autosol Metallic Polish SKU #3609 (400ml Bottle) from our website:

    This creamy liquid polish is formulated specifically for metallic, clear coat and lacquered paints. Ultra fine abrasives gently clean and remove even the slightest bit of oxidation, restoring shimmer and shine. This polish is extremely easy to apply and remove, and leaves a spectacular high gloss finish.

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  4. Hello, Can you tell the difference between the ''AUTOSOL METAL POLISH' and the SHINE product? Thank you.

  5. Can this product use on real gold?

  6. Can you use autosol on painted black exhaust pipes?

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  14. Can you put a clear coat over stainless pipes after polishing with autosol

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