Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Autosol For Motorcycles

We may be stating the obvious here, but Autosol products are great for cleaning and polishing motorcycles, including aluminum and chrome parts, and removing oxidation from weathered and corroded surfaces.

While Autosol Metal Polish performs all-purpose duties, making it ideal for general polishing on chrome etc., our Aluminum Polish is specially formulated for the requirements of aluminum surfaces and produces a mirror-like finish.

Before polishing the aluminum parts on your motorcycle, make sure the surface is untreated with lacquer or varnish.  If it is, remove it by sandblasting or chemical stripping.  You can remove trim parts of the motorcycle for easier access if cleaning manually and not using a buffing wheel.  Use wet sandpaper or fine steel wool to remove any scratches or marks before polishing.

Apply Autosol Aluminum Polish with a soft cloth (cotton pads work well for small areas, too) or a buffing wheel.  Just a small amount used to clean one area at a time will be successful in restoring oxidized, dull and dirty parts to a like new shine.

Autosol Products are effective in giving all of your motorcycle parts a brilliant finish, including the engine casing and blued pipes. TotalMotorcycle.com rated Autosol Metal Polish 5 stars (out of 5), calling it “really amazing stuff” and saying that it “has been a staple in our garage for years.”

For lasting protection after your hard-earned shine, consider finishing with the Aluminum Protective Oil.  Autosol also supplies a Scratch Removes to restore the clarity of scratched synthetic surfaces, such as windshields and helmet visors, as well as an excellent Plastic Cleaner that restores color and sheen to plastic while employing UV inhibitors to protect against fading and brittleness.

You can find Autosol Aluminum and Metal Polish by Clicking HERE in the Metal Care section of our shop


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