Thursday, June 13, 2013

Autosol Plastic Cleaner Information and Directions

Autosol Plastic Cleaner is an award-winning product, celebrated for its versatility and gentle but efficient formula.  It is ideal for all plastic parts and painted surfaces and it is well suited for use indoors and out, on vehicles and in the home.

Autosol Plastic Cleaner is excellent on interior or exterior trim items such as dashboards, panels, moldings, and car bumpers.  It is equally great for boats, plastic furniture, convertible rear windows, and plastic headlights, taillights and hubcaps.

This product lifts dirt and stains without scratching and penetrates grease and grime without strong solvents.  The dual action cleaner and conditioner restores color and shine to plastic without leaving an oily film. The silicone-free, non-toxic formula restores luster and leaves a matte finish.  Anti-static agents repel dust and dirt.

To use:

Pre-Clean heavily soiled parts
Apply with a moist sponge and polish evenly in a small, circular pattern
Use light pressure to polish out any scratches
Wipe off excess with a soft cloth
Use clean section of cloth to buff plastic to desired sheen

Autosol Plastic Cleaner has received a Gold Metal from the Monde Selection, an independent testing institute in Belgium.  To earn this award, the Plastic Cleaner underwent rigorous and comprehensive testing in accordance with strict and uncompromising standards for quality.  The competition was worldwide, with products from over 60 countries, yet Autosol was one of only four companies awarded a Gold Metal.  This is yet another testament to the quality of Autosol products.

You can find Autosol Plastic Cleaner HERE or in the Auto Care section of our website


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