Thursday, June 13, 2013

Polishing Yellowed Headlights

One of the most popular uses for Autosol Metal Polish, and perhaps one of the most satisfying and even vital, is polishing up clouded and yellowing headlights.  Not only does Autosol improve the overall look of headlight lenses, is also clears away grime that dims their effectiveness and your ability to see, which, of course, is absolutely crucial to safe driving.

Although it’s more common among older cars, yellowing headlights can occur on cars just a few years old.  While yellowing has many causes – sun, pollution, dust, etc. – one thing’s for sure:  it’s both unattractive and unsafe! Well maybe that’s two things, but that only means it’s doubly important to take care of yellowed headlights before they become hazardous.

To polished plastic headlight lenses you’ll need a tube of Autosol Metal Polish and a soft (microfiber) cloth or buffing wheel for your drill.

Apply a small amount of metal polish to the cloth or buffing wheel (you can also use a gloved finger, which works great).

Rub the polish in a circular motion.  If using a buffing wheel the drill will do this for you, but be careful not to push to hard and splatter or create too much heat.

Using a clean area of the cloth, buff off polish to a clean shine.

The great thing about this method is that for an $8.98 tube of Autosol (found right HERE) and a little elbow grease, you can achieve results for which a professional would charge a couple hundred dollars or more!


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